One Hour Circle Clock not for the Houseproud

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This is a bit like watching paint dry. The Everlast Circle Clock is a one-handed time-telling device that draws circles on your wall. Which to me sounds like all the hassle of having a destructive creative toddler at home with none of the benefits (dirty nappies, repeating rude words they heard from you in front of Granny and Pa, discovering that spoons make very effective catapults, especially when teamed with carrot purée).


Stick a pencil in the arm, stick the clock on the wall—or against a piece of paper if you live in a minimalist's loft—and watch it draw a circle. I'll leave you with the guff from the website. "Are you the sort of person who projects to those around you an affinity for temporal illustrations?" Er, I think the answer is 42. The Everlast Circle Clock is $21&madash;plus the cost of an quarterly paint job for the wall.

Product Page [Everlab via Oh!Gizmo]

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This would be interesting if it was able to move itself after the hours, or if it spiraled out so that it would complete one turn over itself and then go on to make a new larger circle- which would need the device to extend it's arm and speed itself up. This, as is, is a clock with a pen taped to the minute hand.