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One Man's Mile-Long Sewer Journey Ends at Golf Tournament

Illustration for article titled One Mans Mile-Long Sewer Journey Ends at Golf Tournament

A 3,000 gallon surge of raw sewage sucked a Missouri construction worker one mile through a 27-inch wide sewer pipe before he was finally rescued at the 15th hole of a golf course yesterday. He's recovering in the hospital.


According to the local police chief in Raymore, Missouri, 30-year-old construction worker Daniel Collins "was swept downstream after entering the sewer system to check and see if nearby construction had had any effect on the system, and was caught in the current and was swept downstream." Daniels was able to brace himself just before being sucked under a golf course lake. The sewer system flushes 3,000 gallons of raw sewage every ten minutes.

The superintendent of the Creekmoor Golf Course, Todd Bohn told local ABC news channel KMBC that he was in the middle of a golf tournament when, "I got a phone call from one of my guys. They said you have a bunch of medical people down here looking for carts to get down on the golf course."


Daniels is being treated in the hospital for bruises and hypothermia. He also sucked in a nice amount of raw sewage, which, you know, really needs no further explanation.


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I think there are some things that happen in life where the karma fairy should come down and hand you a big fat blank check to go punch mentally ill midget kittens in the face if you want the rest of your life.

That blows! Glad he was rescued, but ugh!