One More Reason To Hate MySpace

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MySpace may have taken online social networking mainstream, but it's had its downsides as well. One of the more surreal effects of the site, however, is that it's given voice to real life superheroes.


Look through the surprisingly high number of entries in the World Superhero Registry - which "serves as a public forum and resource center for the Real-Life Superhero community," according to its website, offering tutorials on how to be a superhero as well as legal assistance for would-be vigilantes - and notice the one thing that binds most of them together. Not a strange relationship with reality that sees them take Mark Millar's Kick-Ass a little too literally, no, nor even an impressive ability to come up with names like "Terrifica" or "The Dark Avenger." No, almost every single one of these faux superheroes have a MySpace page.

Yes, now you too can become friends with Insignis, Foxfire, Black Arrow, Entomo or many, many other crimefighters, just in case you think you'll ever need particularly super protection against life's little bothers. Or, you know, an alien invasion. I think we'll let Kick-Ass's Dave Lizewski have the last word here:

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Not exactly fair. These guys are more like a "neighborhood watch" association but with a sense of fun & style. I am friends with one of these heroes, and most of his superhero time is spent manning soup kitchens, doing voter registration drives, and stuff like that.

Way to be snide towards people who actually want to DO something, as opposed to snark about it. I know this site is owned by Gawker, but let's have a little less reflexive condescension, OK? And a little more sympathetic kinship for the true eccentrics of the world?