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One-Punch Man's Coming Back for Season 3

The most lovable, baldheaded dope returns to anime!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A smiling Saitama from One-Punch Man.
Image: Viz Media

It’s been three years since One-Punch Man released its second season. In that time, we’ve heard nary a word on if the adventures of the ultra-powerful Saitama would continue in anime form, even as its live-action film adaptation is slowly starting to ramp up. But hey, turns out that a third season is on the way after all.

As reported by Crunchryoll earlier in the week, the third season of the series is currently in production. However, no staff or studio were given, which is important to note. The first season, released in 2015, was developed by Studio Madhouse, while season two’s production came from J.C. Staff. Both studios are currently at work on other projects.


Created by Mob Psycho 100 creator ONE, One-Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, an average man who trained for years to make his body so strong that he can defeat anyone with a single punch. Being that powerful can be really funny, but also real boring real fast, so he endeavors to find someone to fight who can actually challenge him. Naturally, this involves training a vengeful cyborg named Zenos and the both of them joining their city’s Hero Association, during which they repel numerous threats, including invading aliens and a Monster Association.

One Punch Man Opening / OP 1080p

Though the show’s been missing in action for a few years, the manga’s been ongoing, and on its way to reaching 200 chapters. There was also the standard fighting game from Bandai Namco, A Hero Nobody Knows, which released in 2020 and whose servers shut down this past February.


Peep the key visual below, which features Saitama and Garou, drawn by series character designer Chikashi Kubota.

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Image: Chikashi Kubota/Viz Media

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