One-Second Film Festival Proves How Beautiful a Single Second Can Be

How much can you say in a single second? Not a lot, sure. But the One-Second Film Festival proves video can convey a whole slew of emotions in that length of time. And it damn-near made me blubber.


The competition has been set up by Mont Blanc to celebrate the invention of the chronograph 190 years ago, and entrants are being asked to submit their most beautiful second-long videos. The idea is to celebrate the "fragile beauty of this short-lived unit of time".

Which sounds incredibly pretentious and off-putting, I admit. The dedicated website isn't much better, either, and is a real pain to navigate your way round. But some of the best entries so far have been edited together into this wonderful Vimeo clip, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I'm amazed by what people have managed to cram in to a single second, and what's striking is the range of emotion and feeling you can convey in such a short space of time. From celebrations of life, through abject misery, love and unbridled joy, to the wonders of technology and the natural world, it's all there. Even a man opening a car filled filled with coloured balls (0:17, check it out).

If you want to enter the competition, there's still plenty of time. Especially given how long the video will take to record. [Mont Blanc via This is Colossal via Boing Boing]


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