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OnePlus Has Another Phone, And It's Not Called the OnePlus 3

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just as OnePlus finally delivered the long-awaited (and long-rumored) OnePlus 2, the Chinese company’s co-founder Carl Pei let details slip on the OnePlus’ next smartphone. Strange thing? It’s coming this year, too.

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In an interview with USA Today, Pei laid it all out pretty straight:

There’s going to be a second phone this year, before the end of the year. Hopefully for Christmas.

It may or may not be (higher spec’d than the OnePlus 2). When I saw the prototype for that phone I was like ‘holy s—- that’s going to be my daily driver’ but then when the OnePlus 2 production version came out it’s also super nice, so its really hard to decide now what to use.

It’s going to be amazing, but today I’m not going to talk about it.

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that. It seems a little strange that a company’s founder and CEO would be talking up an upcoming phone when the OnePlus 2 is so fresh in the wild. The only reasoning could be that the two phones are so different, it’s not really much of a competition between the two. In a Reddit AMA, the OnePlus team said the new phone wouldn’t be called the OnePlus 3 or even the OnePlus 2S for that matter, so maybe we’re talking a mini version of the OnePlus 2? Many seem to think so and if so, that’d be a godsend for our small-handed smartphone friends who also want to test drive some OnePlus hardware without having to wield a 5.5-inch monstrosity. I guess we’ll know more come Christmas. [USA Today/Reddit]


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Samsung Pay Comes To Television: Samsung will be exporting its upcoming Samsung Pay service, a tap-to-pay service to rival Apple Pay and Android Pay, to its televisions. You’ll be able to select a “Pay Now” button, enter a pin, and wham-o. Purchase complete. Samsung will also be teaming up with Paypal so your credentials are secure, which is comforting considering Samsung’s shaky smart TV history. [CNET]

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