OnLive Now Charging Only for Gameplay (No Monthly Fees)

The streaming game service is no longer charging $15 in monthly fees, so if you've been put off by yet another monthly direct debit, now's the time to sign up for a free trial. Jason loved it when he tried it out at home, but was put off by the various fees associated with it—though they were touting a promotion for a while, where they waived the monthly fee for the first year of usage.


Promising some "exciting announcements" before Christmas, OnLive's MicroConsole TV adapters and game pad controllers are on the production line now, and there'll be better video quality to look forward to too—another of Jason's negative points. [OnLive via Kotaku]

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I was really really excited about their service until I saw the quality of the video. I play games in great part because I enjoy the crisp visuals. What I've seen of OnLive simply did not deliver them. Perhaps if the video quality can be throttled ...