OnStar Slams the Brakes On Car Thieves

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Sorry, dudes—I just had to write that headline. But it's true: the 2009 OnStar systems in about 20 GM models will be able to access the brakes to stop a perp in his tracks. First, there would be a verbal warning, where the car, hopefully voiced by William Daniels, will tell the thief that it will slow to a stop. The thief has the option of pulling over to the side, or of course wheeling into oncoming traffic to go down in a blaze of glory. OnStar will also pop on the hazard lights and call the fuzz to report the car's whereabouts. Owners can opt out of the feature, presumably in the fear that cops or an angry spouse could use it on them. [AP] UPDATE: I AM AN IDIOT. IN MY ZEAL TO WRITE A CORNY HEADLINE, I OVERLOOKED THE TECHNICAL EXPLANATION. YOU ARE RIGHT, OAKCITYMIKE, IT'S NOT THE BRAKES, BUT THE ENGINE ITSELF, THAT SLOWS THE CAR DOWN.



@babaki: I don't think it shuts the engine off, only limits the fuel/spark/air so that the car slows down. Maybe when it comes to a stop it will shut off, but that's pretty easy to program into the ECM.