Ooohhhh: $200 Eee PCs Next Year?

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On a recent earnings call, Asus explained some of their plans going into 2009. The big one? The company expects to have a $200 entry level Eee PC—which we assume has no Windows. But that $200 announcement is even more interesting when coupled with another announcement—Asus intends to phase out all 7" and 8.9" models for 10" netbooks. So will the smaller systems go for $200, or will we see a $200 10" netbook in 2009? I guess we'll have to wait to find out. [Digitimes]


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200.00 for the 10" model is fine. But, for me, the shrinking of the form to something extremely portable was the impressive aspect of the EEE. At 10" it's just as cumbersome as something 12.1". Thank goodnees there's a horde of companies making small 'netbooks' and maybe one or two of them won't revert to the screen-size bloat that made honestly portable laptops hard to find.