Oops: Apple Overcharged Some Lion Downloaders $4,000

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I wonder if Apple's platinum sales for OS X Lion were boosted by these accidental overcharging incidents, which left one guy with a bill for $3,878.40. That's 122 downloads' worth of Lion, in case you're struggling with the math.

Unfortunately this isn't the sole report of Apple accidentally overcharging customers who downloaded Lion from the Mac App Store, and while they've fixed the issue by refunding the charged amounts, Apple's yet to explain how the problem occurred.


With any luck Apple will also generously offer to pay any bank fees the customers were incurred if they were overdrawn—though really, if I was faced with a heart attack-inducing bill of $4,000, I'd expect to get my one wanted download of Lion free as well. [Nexus404]

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Nothing to See Here!

In case we're struggling with the Maths?

It's 4000/30. Which equals 133. Not 122.

Otherwise what did you do to work it out?

Anyway I'm glad I'm not buying Lion yet.

After downloading FCPX, I'm rather paranoid to buy anything Apple until I've heard enough about it being very good. Apart from the latest iOS. If they decide it should cost money, I'll buy it when it's released.