Opera's Flash-Replacement For Cellphones

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[UPDATE: This ain't no Flash plugin. Read on.] It's no secret that our gold standard for mobile browsers is full Youtube support. Apparently, that ain't happening because Flash is a CPU and mem hog. So opera is working on a replacement plug in so phones can get in on some mobile video plugin action.


The new technology will add video capability directly into the Web browser, so that users can see and play back video content directly in Opera. As of yet, Opera has not commented on whether or not the new native playback ability for Opera Mobile will be able to play existing Flash content.


Sounds good, except the power of Flash is that everyone uses it, market penetration in browsers is sky high, and what good is yet another browser, esp if its specific to mobile phones?

The right thing to do is for Adobe to develop a server side piece of software that can downscale flash content for Mobile devices, depending on browser, connection, etc. They could get rich, and I can get YouTube on my cellphone browser. Unless YouTube is already thinking about this stuff in transcoding to H.264.

Infoworld [via Ars Technica]

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According to Apple YouTube is transcoding everything to H.264 for use with the Apple TV. One would think the jump to H.264 would be minimal, but who knows.

Also, H.264 isn't a platform like flash, so it isn't a memory hog per se. However it does need to be decoded and output to the screen, so whatever implements that *could* be a memory hog. I'm not sure if they have hardware H.264 decoding yet but such a thing would take care of the performance issue altogether, the bottle neck then would be download speeds on the mobile networks.