Healing Dice From Donate Life America Encourages Real-Life Heroism

These dice are just for healers, and the hand-painted, limited edition resin dice are free to win via sweepstakes.

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Donate Life America, the nonprofit that works to maintain the National Donate Life Registry, has decided to create a set of polyhedral dice that symbolize the eight organs and tissues that can be donated in order to save another person’s life. The dice were produced by Crux Scenica in Richmond, Virginia, who crafted these pieces by hand. Only fifty sets will be given away.

While typically a set of polyhedral dice have seven die, this set includes eight die. Each die has cast inside of it a hand-painted resin replica of one of the eight donor organs, which are the kidney (D20), lungs (D8), liver (D12), pancreas (D10), cornea (D4), intestines (D10), bone/ tissue (D6), and lastly, the heart (D20). The intention is that the D20 with the heart is only supposed to be used for death saving throws—it is The Lifesaving Die.


People can enter to win a set of these dice if they are a registered organ, eye and tissue donor. The sweepstakes is open now and will remain open for a month. Winners will be announced throughout March. While more than 100,000 people are waiting for lifesaving organ transplants, the altruism of a single donor can save up to 8 lives and heal 75 more. Donate Life America says that should you lie about your donor status you may be cursed with terrible rolls for a thousand ages. Play with life and death at your own risk.

The Healing Dice giveaway is open until March 27 to all registered organ donors.

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