Our Favorite Kotaku Posts This Week

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It's the weekend, which means we're going to break out our 360s and get some Left 4 Dead action on. That, and it's time to catch up on Kotaku's game news you may have missed.


Ashcraft almost chokes his baby
More Grateful Dead for Rock Band - Call me a woman, but I want some Coldplay up on Rock Band already.
Square Enix's bringing a puzzle game to Xbox Live


Yahoo Auctions doesn't like people selling R4 Nintendo DS homebrew carts (Nintendo doesn't either)
Ubisoft, a major publisher, expects new next-gen consoles by 2012ish - Seems about right. Even if it seems like that's soon, it's still three years from now.
Making new superheroes in Champions Online is fun

Hands on impressions of the GTA4 expansion, The Lost and Damned
There's a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer coming - Adam Frucci and I both love Final Fantasy, and cannot wait
Nvidia graphics cards may handle AI, along with physics


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Don't worry. I wouldn't mind a little Coldplay on Rock Band as well. No "girl" comments here.