Our Favorite Lifehacker Posts of the Week

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Our favorite Lifehacker posts of the week show us how to keep our secrets, take naps and sell our gadgets for cash. We've got a few of our own favorite posts this week as well.

Privacy! Know how to get it and know how to hide your stuff from other people
Learn how to take a nap REALLY HARD
Find Google images that match your exact dimensions - useful for wallpapers


A new version of Grand Central is coming. That's the free multi-phone calling thing we've posted about before, before it was purchased by Google
Google's web drive is probably coming soon? Maybe?
• Sell your used electronics to Gazelle for cash

YouTube HQ Firefox Greasemonkey script forces YouTube to always give you the "HQ" version automatically
Build your own DTV antenna
Massage dead pixels out of your cellphone screen


And our more servicey posts of the week:
Adding extra monitors to Windows 7 is so easy
Your guide to gadget deals for the Super Bowl
iPhoto's facial recognition works on cats


Windows 7 to Xbox 360 streaming works, but has some bugs
An early look at Android's OS update
Windows 7's Explorer Preview Pane works great


Windows 7 Play To streams media throughout your house
The Nikon D700 gets hacked to do video


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Thats Dr Bear to You

That Gazelle site is a total rip-off. Unless you're selling stolen good, I would never give up my ipod touch for 59 dollars.