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Our First Look at Riverdale's Take on Carrie: The Musical Is as Fabulous as You'd Dreamed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Riverdale is a show that delights in going for it so thoroughly, I am pretty sure the dictionary definition of “go for it” just comes with a picture of the cast’s CW-perfect faces stapled to it at this point. The gang’s take on Carrie: The Musical in this week’s special all-singing, all-dancing episode is no exception.

While trailers for the episode have so far, err, danced around the musical numbers the show will lift from the infamous Broadway show, Entertainment Weekly has two clips from tomorrow’s episode, revealing that Riverdale won’t just be consigning the songs to Riverdale High’s school stage, but actually weaving them into the wider narrative too. Which means, for example, the opening number of the episode, “In,” opens with perhaps the most purely distilled essence of the CW’s programming ever imagined: KJ Apa’s Archie Andrews, shirtless and performing push-ups, while memorizing his lines for the musical:

Honestly, if these five seconds made up the entire episode? Quality Riverdale.

The cast’s performance of “A Night We’ll Never Forget” is equally delightful, blending the behind-the-scenes moments with the kids and them actually performing on stage, in fabulous ‘70s costumes to boot:

Remember when this show was about maple syrup conspiracies and masked gunmen? Me neither. Riverdale goes Carrie tomorrow, April 18.


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