First Look At The Batman v Superman Toys That Are Heading To Comic-Con

With Marvel skipping Comic-Con this year, Batman v Superman plans to dominate the Superhero movie talk at the convention—and the movie is bringing in the merchandising to help do so. We already got our first look at the Funko Pop! Batman and Superman, but now we’ve got a look at even more toys!

Similar to the The Force Awakens toys we’ll be seeing at Comic-Con, two of this trio of toys will actually be available for purchase at the convention—which makes sense, as no one’s going to bother churning out a ton of merchandise a year in advance of the movie coming out. What’s actually for sale then? A two pack of 6” action figures featuring Batman and Superman ready to go toe-to-toe:


Selling for $30 at Mattel’s booth, the figures will come with a special stand depicting the movie’s logo that can be split apart to create separate bases for Clark and Bruce, and packaging that has a light-and-sound feature, playing lines of dialogue from the film and lighting up each hero’s respective emblems in the background.

Also on available for purchase (setting you back $25) is Hot Wheel’s special-edition Batmobile, coming in fancy exclusive—and ridiculously elaborate for such a tiny toy—packaging ahead of a wider release next year:

Finally, the one toy not for sale is actually the best of the lot: A Barbie Doll of Wonder Woman, leading the charge in a new line of 12” dolls (that will also feature Batman and Superman) in spring next year:


At first I was a little bummed out that Wonder Woman gets a Doll showcased rather than an action figure, but honestly, I actually think this looks way better than the Batman and Superman figures. Turns out when there aren’t exactly one trillion photoshop filters grittying it up, there’s actual colour in Wonder Woman’s outfit, and it makes it look pretty good! Plus, while the doll isn’t exactly Gal Gadot, it’s a way better likeness than these two:


Sheesh. I know it’s likely to be a paint error, but that Batman and his dodgy eye look like he’s seen some major shit go down.

[Via USA Today]


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