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Ovei is $100,000 Isolation Chamber for Gadgety Privacy

Illustration for article titled Ovei is $100,000 Isolation Chamber for Gadgety Privacy

Sometimes you just want to shut the world out and tackle the next level of your fave game, don't you? The Ovei isolation pod, launched this week in the UK, will let you do just that. For the sum of $100,000. And before you fall about laughing, that cash will get you a unique capsule, designed by Lee McCormack and made by Mclaren Applied Technologies (the Formula 1 guys, yes). It's custom-built exactly how you want: media center, gaming rig, interior and exterior...the sort of bespoke stuff you'd expect for 100 grand. The rest of us will have to settle for the traditional laptop-under the duvet, earphones jammed-in isolation when the house is too noisy. [PocketLint via Born Rich]


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I'd be reborn after every gaming experience! Though I'd prefer the Ace Ventura Rhino if not for its hilarity.