Overhead Highway Turbine Creates Energy, Kills Birds

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These crazy turbines, designed by a University of Arizona student, get juice from the wind created by passing cars and trucks. As vehicles fly by, the breeze they create is harnessed by the overhead turbines to power what we can only assume would be more rest stop Roy Rogers and McDonalds.


Able to generate an estimated 9,600 kWh per year, these wouldn't replace surrounding power plants anytime soon, but they'd be a great way to supplement existing plants with eco-friendly energy. Wind power FTW!

Archinect [via AutoblogGreen]



@crap-action jackson,

While I'm not even sure how much drag this thing could actually impose upon cars, if any, I'd think that not even dozens of these things spanning over several miles of road would create any more drag than the car already produces moving through space. And even if it did produce enough drag, the effect would have to be sustained for a considerable amount of time for it to have any impact on the fuel consumption, moreso than the extra fuel one would need to expend on uphills and idling in traffic jams.

Forget about trucks and vans. They have the most aerodynamically inefficient designs, a drag-producing overhead windmill would not make much of a difference.