Painful Neck? Smartphone Owner? YOU May Be Suffering from Text Neck!

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Infomercials, Start Your Copywriting! "Text Neck" is apparently a thing now, and anyone with a smartphone and a sore neck will be ripe for the picking this holiday season!

Seriously, start working on all manner of $19.95 plus shipping neck braces, salves, ointments and Text Neck exercise gear—the sheer number of smartphone users in the U.S. today literally guarantees there will be at least a few hundred thousand slow, dim-witted ones who will gladly pony up the cash to address their ailment.


But what is "text neck?" How can you avoid giving yourself this debilitating condition? Easy. Don't hunch over so much when you're walking along the sidewalk avoiding eye contact or while you're sitting at your office desk all the live long day. Don't hunch, don't get hurt. This is important, because doctors say the condition can lead to your body adopting a permanent hunch, where the muscles actually hurt when you straighten them out in a "normal" position.

As with many "trend pieces" this story doesn't really wade into many numbers or anything. Just a few interviews with willing doctors who have seen "a few cases" and such. In the end it boils down to common sense: Adopt good posture and your body will repay you by breaking down more slowly as you age, instead of all at once as you toil away on your iPhone on the subway. [Daily Mail]