Palm Pre Finally Gets That Onscreen Keyboard It's Been Wanting, No Thanks to Palm

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Users complain about not having one, and it'd be easy (for Palm) to add: The Pre should've come with an onscreen keyboard. Well, the Pre has finally gotten its soft QWERTY, unofficially.

This hack, still in pre alpha testing, is based on an onscreen keyboard that the Pre already has—the phone's symbol input panel, for characters that aren't accessible by keyboard shortcuts. By patching the keyboard layout to include "regular" characters, the guys at webOS Internals were able to slap together a simple proof of concept onscreen keyboard, in both portrait and landscape modes, which, as Adrian said before, would make quick, short text input waaay more convenient.


It's too new to recommend installing unless you're versed in the cryptic particulars of Pre homebrew, but given the demand for the hack, it doesn't seem like an easily-installable onscreen keyboard is too far over the horizon. [webOS Internals via PreCentral]