Palm Pre Gets Homebrew Apps, No Rooting Required

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Installing the Pre's earliest homebrew apps required you to "root" your device—easy enough, but not for the faint of heart. Now, there's a new method, with no rooting, no risky hacks, and one simple secret: email.

Seriously. Apparently, there's a gaping security hole in the Pre's email app, which allows certain applications to be installed by way of a simple link. Once a homebrew app has been properly prepared, it's just a matter of emailing yourself a link to the app's .IPK file.


Creating the packages isn't so simple, since they have to be packages in a certain way and spoof a legitimate software signature, although if you're the kind of person who's well-versed enough to create a homebrew app in the first place, these instructions probably won't seem that intimidating.

So, the apps! Since this hack is about a day old, they're basically nonexistent, except for one proof-of-concept dummy app called "SimplyFlipFlops." Palm won't be properly opening up the App Catalog for a while, so homebrewers have plenty of time, and serious gap to fill. Let's just hope Palm doesn't seal this up with their next update. (Spoiler: They probably will.) [Precentral via Slashgear]