Palm Treo 680 Shows Up On Amazon

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For those of you who are interested in a slightly cheaper Palm OS smartphone in the form of a Treo 680 (some of you are, apparently), Amazon popped up both a pre-order page and a price. Unfortunately, the $413 price tag was taken down rather quickly—maybe it was wrong—but the page is still there.


This is the unlocked GSM version from overseas, not the Cingular-sponsored version which should be much, much less than $413. Features: GSM, EDGE, VGA cam, QWERTY, 312MHz Intel PXA270 processor. But if you're going to be paying four hundred bucks for a low-end phone, we'd much rather you liquify that money, pour it into a syringe and shoot it directly into your eyeball.


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Can someone tell me what all this "low-end phone" business really means in relation to the specs of the thing? I realize Palm referred to it that way at one point, but this is (technically) an upgrade to my Treo 650 (double the ram, internal antenna, etc.) which was by no means a low-end phone when I bought it.

Does the 680 still have the same beautiful screen, or has it been cheapened? Is the build quality less than the 650? How about the excellent speaker volume?

If these things are still in place, it is (to me) a rather nice phone. Not $400 nice, mind you, but not a "low-end phone" by any means.