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Palmer Watch: Day 41

Illustration: Sam Wooley/Image: Getty
Illustration: Sam Wooley/Image: Getty

Hello again. So, it’s been 41 days since we’ve heard from Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey. It was on September 23, in a world in which the Cubs still hadn’t won a World Series in 108 years, that we last heard from Palmer. The guy who sold his company to Facebook for $2 Billion issued a statement after The Daily Beast revealed his funding and participation in Nimble America, a pro-Trump, anti-Clinton meme posting political advocacy group. It’s been long enough now that we think it’s worth asking whether Luckey is even involved with Oculus or Facebook at all anymore. We asked Facebook if he still worked there but they didn’t get back to us. If you know more, hit me up at


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Everytime you guys go after billionaires...