Those sly geese at The Register! Why would they spoil the fun. For like a week we've all been sitting around talking about the wonderful new product line that will revolutionize the PDA world and make people think Palm matters again. What is this incredible device? Well, it's apparently the LifeDrive. The story, which seems to have been written a few months ago at best, points to a new line, which, on the Palm website, is probably the Mobile Manager category under which the LifeDrive appears.

Let s look at the evidence. For a start, Hawkins refers to his company as PalmOne, which suggests the interview was conducted some time ago, before the firm became Palm again. Newspaper feature deadlines being what they are, it wouldn't be entirely beyond the bounds of possibility that the PBJ talked to Hawkins before the LifeDrive was announced, when quite clearly he wouldn't be able to say too much about it.

I thought it was going to be a line of magical, flying unicorns with baby heads. No such luck.


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