Palm's Secret Weapon is a Smartphone Companion?

Illustration for article titled Palm's Secret Weapon is a Smartphone Companion?

If this rumor is true (and we're still debating its validity), then Palm's new handheld, dubbed the Palm Foleo, is a "smartphone companion."


What the hell does that mean? Well, based on the leak its neither a new Treo nor is it a UMPC. Instead it's a device with a large screen and full-size keyboard designed to let you read and edit Office documents.

Once you're done tapping away on the Foleo, you can sync your files from the Foleo to your smartphone. Not what I'd call revolutionary. Battery-wise, you can expect up to 5 hours and the device will debut this summer for around $499. Essentially, it's an extra gadget Palm wants us to lug around. If that's the case (and we're hoping this rumor is false), we'll have to pass.

Palm RSS Feed Reveals Foleo Press Release [TreoCentral via Slashphone]



I'd be very interested with a modular device. They just better get on with it before I finish (i.e. start) my own steampunk version.