Panasonic Karma Is My Dream iPhone Game Console

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I have to agree with Hitler: The iPod touch and the iPhone need actual gaming buttons to be real game machines. The Panasonic Karma looks exactly like that: A true iPhone game console. Unfortunately, the awesome images can be deceiving.

Yes, what you see in the gallery is a cable. In reality, the Panasonic Karma is an inflight entertainment system remote. One that kicks ass with a touchscreen, an embedded OS that looks very much like the iPhone's, a D-pad, and four game buttons. It will allow you to call, surf the web, send mail, and play games.


Dear Apple, if you don't want to do this, that's fine. Just allow a third party to do game button jackets, ok? Thanks. [Mary Kirby]

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Jacket! Great term for the modular base. Much more fitting than 'dock'. Now I want a jacket with the Tom-Tom GPS and solar charger/battery extender combined. It reminds me of the Brando handles for the psp that look like ps2 controllers. But you know what this would work even better for? Zune HD.