Panasonic Makes Electric Bike With Regenerative Braking

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What better alternative to driving to work than riding an electric bicycle? Panasonic's Vivi RX 10-S, which is due in Japan on August 20, works the same way many hybrid vehicle systems do: taking the energy from braking and harness it into recharging the battery. The total assisted travel range combining pedal power, electric power and electric regeneration is around 55 to 77 miles, which should be enough to get you to and from work without having to go super sweaty style. If you switch on its automatic mode, you'll be able ride upwards of 113 miles on a single full charge. No word on US release yet. [Crunchgear]



My pathetic excuse for a body can barely push a bicycle up some of the hills in my area, so I am somewhat concerned about how an electric bicycle would do. Still, it does sound like a great option for the lazy cyclists among us. Sign me up.