Panasonic TC-P54V10 Reviewed: Worthy Successor to Pioneer Kuro

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When the lauded Pioneer Kuro plasmas went off-air in May, many mourned the loss of what was arguably one of the world's best HDTVs. With the launch of the Panasonic TC-P54V10 plasma, however, a worthy successor has apparently emerged.


This according to the guys at HDguru, who proclaimed the new $2,600 set was easily the "New King of HDTVs." In some cases, they said, the Panasonic was able to best the Kuro.


The V10 distinction carries with it the same NEO PDP panel as its cousins in the recently released G10 plasma line, but adds in a bevy of new software and hardware features, including three color modes, a thinner profile (1.1″ deep at top and 3.3″ middle), and a 96Hz refresh rate for 24Hz sources. The V10 line currently comes in 50 and 54-in. models, with larger 58 and 65-inchers due out in August.

And lest you still remain on the fence about this HDTV, know that HDGuru changed their frickin review system from four to five hearts to accommodate all the wonderful new awesomeness provided by Panasonic in this pricey new HDTV. [HDGuru]

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Have they improved the life expectency of these things yet?? Think I'll stick with my LCD for now.. My sony has a beautiful picture.. Love the Bravia engine.. And doubles as my monitor... Need I say more?