Panasonic's 13MP Lumix Phone Looks Like a Crappy Sony Ericsson, Disappointingly

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They promised more info for this week, and they gave us new info.'s not quite shaping up to what we were hoping for, considering Lumix's awesome reputation. Budget Sony Ericsson with 13MP camera, anyone?


It looks very Japan-only to me. It was on show at CEATEC in Japan today, where various sites managed to snap it, but weren't allowed to play with it. Shame they couldn't test the 13MP CMOS sensor, and whether Panasonic's Mobile VenusEngine finetunes image processing works as well in a phone as it does in their respectable Lumix camera line.

Unfortunately Panasonic wasn't being too generous with further details on it, but UberGizmo seems to think it'll be running some form of Linux when it hits Japanese streets. It pains me to say this, but move along folks, there's nothing to see here. [UberGizmo]