Paranormal Activity House Sold, Ghosts Not Included

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The San Diego, Calif., home once owned by filmmaker Oren Peli — who famously used it as the set for his low-budget, blockbuster-earning, sequel-spawning Paranormal Activity — was quickly snapped up for $749,000 after going on the market January 21st.

"Congrats to the new owners on your demon house!" jokes Curbed, which has interior photos galore for curious horror movie fans/real estate buffs (if you got way too excited reading about the sale of the Nightmare on Elm Street house in 2013, you know who you are).

Check out the master bedroom in particular, the site of so much action in the film. Looks pretty different, no? Not to mention pretty bland... although clearly whoever staged the place en route to its quick sale wasn't about to toss in a ouija board as wink to the movie.


On a side note, Peli did claim that he experienced strange phenomena in the house, and that's what inspired him to write the script for his found-footage breakout. Whether or not that was true or a just ploy to publicize the film remains a mystery.


Images via Curbed.