Parks and Rec's Vision of 2017 Is Hologram Tablets and a New Facebook

Parks and Recreation's seventh and final season premiered last night and it's set in the future. So far, Pawnee's version of 2017 isn't all that different from now, except Facebook's been replaced with Gryzzlebook, people have see-through tablets that talk to you.

You see some of Pawnee's idea of future tech in the clip above, like creepy complimentary talking tablets, and Gryzzlebook, which much like Facebook in 2015, everyone is still mainlining.


Other than the tech there's a bit of story progression too, of course. April and Andy are married and "boring." Leslie and Ben have triplets. Tom Haverford is a mogul now. But most of all Ron and Leslie are no longer friends. Mystery! Dramatic intrigue! And no, there are no flying cars in 2017 Pawnee, but who isn't satisfied with transparent tablets that LOVE YOUR SKIN GIVE ME YOUR SKIN.

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