Parrot Isn't Actually Going to Sell Its Fantastic Dual-Mode Dash System

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Parrot’s RNB6 promised an in-dash system that would work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It promised a Utopia of car tech that would make any smartphone compatible with basically any car. And it still promises all those things, but only if you buy a new vehicle.


The RBN6 debuted at CES this year, with some pretty killer specs: support for Andriod Auto and CarPlay, a built-in dashcam, and even diagnostics for any vehicle. That all fit in a standard-sized package that would slot into most modern cars, regardless of what entertainment system came fitted by the manufacturer.


All of those things are still true, but in a quiet update to a 6-month-old blog post, Parrot has now stated that it has “no plat to sell RNB6 in Aftermarket channels”, citing the “deep integration” needed with manufacturers. Basically, you won’t be able to buy a RBN6 and fit it to your own car, but if you’re speccing out a new vehicle, you might have the option to get a RBN6 fitted.

[Parrot via CE Outlook]

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Broken Machine

Didn’t they win a bunch of awards at CES for this?

It was designed at an aftermarket unit... “deep integration” needed with manufacturers? No, you mean “deep pockets”. Whomever winds up with this unit in their cars paid Parrot not to sell them in aftermarket. And that is bullshit.