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The London Olympics are about three weeks away, and are a great excuse to be obnoxiously patriotic. Just in time for the summer games, Speck has released a line of CandyShell flag cases so you can represent your most favored nation where it matters most: your iPhone, of course.


Running around $40 a pop, they'll have you looking just like a member of Team USA. Or Brazil. Or Italy. Or France. Or whatever flag you're waving. There are a total of 14 countries represented in these colorful, sturdy plastic cases for now, but Speck says more are coming in time for the three week sporting extravaganza. Whether you're rooting for Michael Phelps to break his old record, you want to see Usain Bolt dash even faster across the finish line, or you're really just watching for those skin-tight uniforms, your phone will be tricked out to reflect your pride. [SpeckProducts]


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