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Paul Dini Is Writing Harley Quinn Comics Again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Harleen Quinzel might just be the most famous example of a comic book icon who wasn’t actually made for the comics she stars in—but her co-creator, Paul Dini, has written several comics starring the character since she first debuted in Batman: The Animated Series over two decades ago. But now, Dini is returning to Harley with a new set of stories for one of his most famous creations.

Announced through DC’s solicits for April, Dini—who returned to DC Comics last year to pen a graphic novel about a horrendous real-life assault he experienced during his time on Batman: The Animated Series—will join the creative team of the Harley Quinn ongoing from the book’s 17th issue for a new supplementary story kicking off in the comics. Dini will co-write, with series writer Jimmy Palmiotti, “Harley Loves Joker,” a back-up story that will follow Harley’s early days at the side of the clown prince of crime. Brett Blevins will provide art for the back-up story.


There’s currently no word on how long Dini will write back up stories for the series—whether he’s just back for one story or it’s an ongoing arrangement—but considering it’s been a while since we’ve seen Dini write Harley in the comics, it’ll be interesting to see. Harley Quinn #17 is scheduled to release April 5th.


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