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Paul Rudd and Stephen Hawking Face Off in a High-Stakes Game of Quantum Chess

Illustration for article titled Paul Rudd and Stephen Hawking Face Off in a High-Stakes Game of Quantum Chess

What do you do if you’re Paul Rudd and itching to speak at a Caltech event about quantum mechanics? Challenge your arch-rival, Stephen Hawking, to a game of quantum chess, of course. The very future of the universe might be at stake.


Directed by Alex Winter (yep, Bill of Bill and Ted), the video below features not only Rudd and Hawking matching wits but also great voiceover by Keanu Reeves. It made its debut last night at One Entangled Evening, a special event to kick off a one-day conference on the future of quantum computing being held today at Caltech.

We won’t give anything way, but watching Rudd give himself a crash course in quantum mechanics to take on one of the greatest minds in physics in quantum chess—where the rules display all the weirdness of the subatomic realm—proves pretty entertaining. Heck, Rudd actually went subatomic in Ant Man, so he’s got some firsthand experience to draw upon.

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Woah. If you haden’t reminded me Rudd was JUST in Ant Man, i wouldn’t have made any connection. In fact, i was just wondering why he was cast. I’ll probably get lots of jabs, but Ant Man was/is probably way at the distant bottom of the list of Marvel flicks. Of course not including bits by Michael Peña and company.