Cat owners know that 99.9 percent of felines love to walk all over keyboards, and these two products show that cat who really wears the pants in the house. The Kitty Keyboard Cover is a "simple and elegant" solution to the cat- walking problem. It is a clear acrylic cover that sits above the keyboard and allows the cat to walk all over and sleep on without disturbing your typing.

The other options is a little more intuitive and ingenious. Pawsense is a software utility that can actually detect cat typing. This has to be the work of some of the smartest software engineers in the world because I have no idea how one can distinguish cat typing. Pawsense supposedly does so with the help of complex algorithms that detects speed, motion and force on the keyboard. Upon detection of cat typing Pawsense will disable any inputs from the keyboard and begin playing an annoying sound to rid the cat of the area. Windows only. Thanks, Karson and Barry!


Kitty Keyboard Kover

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