PayPal Security Key Available Now

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Remember that PayPal security key we told you about last month? The one that generates a random key every 30 seconds you're supposed to type in with your login in order to prevent fraud? Yeah, that's available now.

Just login, click order, and you'll get your $5 Security Key in a couple days. We assume they take PayPal.


Product Page [PayPal via Consumerist]

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There are a bunch of vendors that make tokens similar to SecurID (from RSA Security, now owned by EMC). This one happens to be made by VeriSign and you can see additional info on verisign's site.

They all work basically the same way - you enter the number of the token instead of a password.

What stinks is that if you have an E*Trade account and a PayPal account you have to carry two of these things. If you need one for work that's #3. And as these proliferate things are going to get worse and worse. Federation is supposed to help solve that problem (so you only need one token), but who would you trust to pass your identity to your bank and all the sites you sign into on a regular basis.