Look at PC World's just-released Best Tech of 2008 list. Yes, it's May, the fifth month of 2008. The hot, bleeding edge tech that made the list? The New York Times website! YouTube! Windows XP!

The top three tech products of 2008 are Hulu, the iPhone and Facebook. Since the new version of the iPhone hasn't come out or been announced yet, I assume they mean the first version, which came out last year. Hulu was in beta for the last couple months of 2007, and Facebook has been around for years. So apparently the best tech of 2008 didn't come out in 2008.


The list is full of boring, predictable choices that are years old, such as Photoshop, Flickr, Gmail, Leopard and the Wii. I honestly have no idea why they made this list or what a product had to do to be included other than existing. And the fact that it's claiming to be the best of 2008 so early in the year means they already missed out on some great 2008 products, such as the Netflix set-top box, making the list look outdated and misinformed already. [PC World]

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