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Why is it that all those potty training toilets for our sons are of the sit-down variety? Because women control the world, and are biased against men who mark their territory around the toilet while stand-up peeing. Well, boys, no longer will your son have to suffer the indignity of peeing like a girlie. Meet the Peter Potty, the toddler urinal. It even has a flush system—fill the top reservoir with water and empty it from a tray on the bottom. Which is useful, assuming your two-year-old can pull down his pants and undies, grab his wee-wee and manage to get any of his pee into the basin without being distracted by the Wizmark Interactive Urinal Communicator you put in the there for fun.

According to its creators, "The PeterPotty is proven to reduce the potty training age for boys by an average of six months..." While the website does not provide any research proving this claim, it's sure to be related to the confidence your son will gain by learning to pee all over the floor and toddle away from his mess without looking back. It's never too early to teach him that cleaning the toilet is a job best left for his sister, mother or maid. The Peter Potty is available from major retailers for between $39.99 and $49.99.


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