Phase One 39-Megapixel Camera

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Don't get me wrong, I've used my fair share of digital cameras in the past, but honestly, who the hell would ever need a 39-megapixel camera—except, of course, for VERY VERY detailed porn.

This P45 camera by Phase One is capable of capturing at 35fps and a write speed of 20MB/s. Yeah, 20MB/s sounds good and all, but not when each picture is 117MB in size. At this point these kinds of cameras might need to look into using a hard drive system, because memory cards would be really inefficient. Oh well, whatever floats your photogging boat.

Gizmodo readers, let me know, what the hell kind of picture would require a 39-megapixel camera?


Phase One 39-Megapixel Digital Camera [BIOS]

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