Phenom SpecialOps Cellphone Watch: A Tacit Booyah

Illustration for article titled Phenom SpecialOps Cellphone Watch: A Tacit Booyah

I don't care how big of a Dick Tracey you look like using the Phenom SpecialOPS cellphone watch; its adolescent awesomeness goes unspoken.

Having absolutely nothing to do with AMD Phenom processors, this Phenom watch is a completely unlocked GSM phone (ready to take any SIM card you've got) while simultaneously functioning as an MP3/MP4 player through a MicroSD port. Other features include a 1.3" touchscreen display, Bluetooth, speakerphone, numeric keypad and a videocamera.

Yes, this cellphone watch handles video when the iPhone still doesn't.

If the SpecialOps' $300 asking price is a little high for your tastes, Phenom has other models available, including the $235 Mi5. None of the models are necessarily inside of impulse buy territory, but hey, no contracts needed! [Phenom via unwired view]

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this actually looks pretty nice. they need to make the keypad a slider to make it look better, though. or something to cover it up when it's not in use.