Philip K. Dick's Widow Sues His Daughters Over Movie Rights

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Could a movie of Philip K. Dick's trippy Ubik be delayed by a new lawsuit filed by his widow, Tessa Dick? She's suing the production company run by two of his daughters, over movie rights.


According to Variety, Tessa Dick is suing Electric Shepherd Productions, the production company founded by Dick's daughters, Laura Leslie and Isa Dick Hackett. She's seeking proceeds from A Scanner Darkly and the movie rights to Ubik, which is already in production. Electric Shepherd worked with Richard Linklater on Scanner Darkly. The suit alleges that Electric Shepherd had "disclaimed" any obligation to Tessa Dick for the proceeds from Ubik, and Variety adds:

The suit also asserts that Tessa Dick, the author's fifth wife, is entitled to the proceeds of the two novels as a result of the 1976 divorce agreement in which she relinquished her interest to a number of other projects the writer had started, completed or published during their relationship.

Dick is also suing Celluloid Dreams, Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency, Russell Galen and the Halcyon Co. The Halcyon Co. (which is producing Terminator Salvation and just settled a lawsuit relating to that film) signed a three-year first-look deal for the movie rights to all of Dick's novels and short stories in 2007. But a representative of Halcyon tells Variety the company passed on making a movie of Ubik, and therefore isn't involved in the suit. (And it sounds like Halcyon's deal is going to expire with no movie made.)

We tried to reach Electric Shepherd for comment, but they didn't respond in time. [Variety]



I consider myself a "Dick-head" and I'm not sure if UBIK would make a good movie (it's a good novel, though).

I found myself quite bored with Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly and, yet, it was a very faithful translation of the book (and, therein, maybe that's the problem).