If you can see only one performance this year, make it Bryan Callen's groundbreaking effort in the Philips Manologues. Best known as Pool Boy from Cabana Chat on MADtv, Callen delivers a performance for the ages in this series of shorts for the updated Philips Bodygroom that make the ins-and outs of male grooming come alive. The new-and-improved Bodygroom features a updated color, battery display and five adjustable settings from 3 to 11 mm (0.1 to 0.4 inch). Dare I say it, but his moving portrayal of a son dealing with his father's pube-trimming prejudices nearly brought this reviewer to tears. Not only that, his performance as a small hairy French man nicknamed "Little Monkey Boy" was truly heartwarming. If web-based advertising campaigns for male grooming devices were eligible for Oscars, my vote would already be cast. Hit the link to see the videos for yourself. And if you have a tale to tell, you can submit your own manologue. Who knows, your work could become Callen's next masterpiece. [Philips and Bodygroom]