Phillips Norelco BG2020 Men's Bodygroom Reviewed (Verdict: Wtf)

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This is an average electric trimmer, but some of the customer reviews over on Amazon are interesting to say the least.


Lets just say the "Bodygroom" is Shaft, Beanbag, and Starfish safe. No nicks or any worries...that does not mean go in there like a maniac...take your time...the two trimmers on the front and back(allow for push or pull stroke) knock down the forest while the foil on top produced nice smooth skin... Here is a word of warning, if you are a hairy man in the posterior / back (buttocks cheeks) region, I would not suggest going bald there

Mega Mega from Indiana, you sir are a true connoisseur of the hairy man shaving tools. We salute you.

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