Philips Eco LED TVs Stream Netflix While Saving the Earth

Philips just announced three new eco-friendly TVs, called the 4000, 5000 and 7000 Eco TV. The "green" part comes with the 40% energy reduction thanks to the LEDs, as well as some safer hardware materials (lead-free, mercury-free, that kind of thing). Oddly enough, none of the materials are recycled, which is kind of the standard for "green" stuff here at CES, but I guess power reduction is always a good thing. The TVs are also packing Netflix, Blockbuster On Demand, and some kind of internet radio. We don't have pricing details or availability, but you can expect to see release this year. [Engadget]

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I feel the 'eco' tag is not necessary, really every company should be striving to reduce the power consumption of their devices (for consumer cost as well as anything else), and if you can build it out of a less harmful materials then you should be anyway.