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Phoenix Technologies has announced that they are currently working with Fujitsu in an effort to bring users equipped with Fujitsu's new full disk encryption (FDE) 2.5" 7200RPM SATA hard disk drive the ability to remotely track, disable and even erase their drive in the event that the laptop is ever stolen. According to Phoenix, their new "FailSafe" technology is "the industry's strongest security method for mobile computing" and their encryption capabilities will "ensure data on the disk drive is inaccessible to unauthorized users."


Phoenix also noted that in the event that the Fujitsu FDE HDD product is removed by the thief, it can be restored remotely by the rightful owner and further steps can be taken at that point to secure and recover their data. Exactly how the user will be able to LoJack their hard drive was not outlined in the press release, but if it works as advertised, having the ability to track down, disable or destroy data remotely could prove invaluable for individuals privy to sensitive information. Exactly when the FailSafe system is expected to be released has not been announced.

Press release:

Phoenix Technologies Brings Remote Data Protection to Fujitsu Mobile Disk Drives

- Phoenix FailSafe(TM) will enhance FDE-based notebooks with remote secure erase functionality and more
- Phoenix FailSafe service is optimized for the leading mobile hard drives available in the market today

MILPITAS, Calif., May 5, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ — Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTEC) today announced it is working with Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702) to enable remote disk control and disk data protection for mobile computing environments equipped with Fujitsu's new full disk encryption (FDE) 2.5" 7,200RPM SATA hard disk drive (HDD). With Phoenix FailSafe, the laptop or notebook owner can remotely disable the Fujitsu FDE drive in the laptop, thus ensuring "failsafe" protection against data theft and personal information loss.

"Fujitsu's new FDE technology delivers the industry's strongest security method for mobile computing, while preserving a high level of performance," said Joel Hagberg, vice president, marketing and business development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. "Our encryption capabilities ensure data on the disk drive is inaccessible to unauthorized users if a laptop is lost or stolen. By enabling users to remotely disable, enable or securely erase the drive in a laptop, the Phoenix Failsafe solution provides an added level of protection to further prevent any confidential information from being compromised."

Surendra Arora, vice president of business development at Phoenix Technologies, said, "We are committed to providing the best theft deterrence service and data protection solutions in the PC industry. Phoenix's FailSafe theft-deterrence service will allow the PC owner to track, remotely disable and securely erase the Fujitsu disk drive. In the event of laptop theft, if the FailSafe agent pre-installed on the Fujitsu FDE HDD product is removed by the computer/data thief, the authorized owner will be able to remotely re-install the FailSafe agent in the compromised system and take further steps to ensure protection as well as recovery of the data on the laptop."

Phoenix FailSafe not only enables laptop owners to remotely protect and encrypt vital content stored on their laptops' hard drives, it also provides the ability to locate/recover missing laptops and lost data as well as remotely 'kill' sensitive data or the device to avoid potential misuse.


[Phoenix via TFTS]

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