44 Better Times to Wear Google Glass Than in the Shower

Earlier in the week, we asked you, dear readers, to help us celebrate the one-year anniversary of Robert Scoble's steamy, Glass-adorned shower photo with a fresh batch of Photoshops. And by god did you ever deliver.

Believe us when we say that this may be the best round of Photoshop entries we've had in years. It wasn't easy to boil it down to a single winner, but that esteemed title goes to a one kflebeda, who created the masterpiece you see above. Our honorable mentions lie below, all of which were chosen based on a combination of skill- and laugh-factor.


Still, we highly encourage you to check out the rest of the entries down at the bottom. Because this time—at least in our hearts—you're all winners. Unless your name is Robert Scoble.

by Shane Monahan


by phenomejohn

by RedEy3


by KyleKesterson

Photoshop Contest: Robert Scoble's Google Glass Shower Photo Turns One

One year ago today, the gods smiled upon us and bestowed man with the greatest, most seductive gift since Prometheus first brought fire down from Mt. Olympus. And to celebrate a full year of having a wet, naked Robert Scoble seared into our memory, we thought we'd mark the occasion with a Photoshop contest.

Thankfully, the technology evangelist and Rackspace employee chose to wear only his Glass and the sweater god gave him for the shoot, offering us a relatively blank canvas with which to work. So the rest, friends, we will leave up to you. What crazy situations and hijinks would you like to envision for our wet, steaming Scoble? The sky/your sanity's the limit.


Submissions will be graded on originality, technique, and laffs; you'll have from now until the end of the day this coming Wednesday, April 30 to submit your entry down below. We'll announce the lucky winners Thursday. And until then, may the best Scoble win.