Picnic For One

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We're not fans of hiking—obviously—but this Picnic For One design would be the thing we'd take with us if we were hiking. The container is waterproof and skinnable (in case you don't like military grey), and contains a plate, a cup, cutlery and room for spices. Plus, you know, food.


So after you finish up your picnic for one, you can neatly pack everything back into the container before your throw yourself off the cliff because you've got nobody to go hiking with you.

It's Just A Picnic For One [Yanko Design]

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Be sure to take along a pair of scissors to cut out the two dimensional cutlery. And, Oh Yeah, don't use the skin that looks like desert rocks when you are hiking in the desert....You probably could not find it again if you sat it down to take a whiz. Forget about jumping off the cliff, you would just slowly starve to death,... or fall over a cliff looking for the dang thing.