Pig's Michael Sarnoski May Be Relocating to A Quiet Place 3

The new (yet already acclaimed) director is in talks to take over John Krasinki's horror franchise.

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Evelyn Abbott, in a dress covered with yellow flowers and carrying a backpack and a baby sling, clamps a hand over her son's mouth.
Image: Paramount

Fans of Nicolas Cage’s wonderfully understated, powerfully quiet performance in Pig have cause to celebrate today: its director, Michael Sarnoski, is currently in talks to direct another quiet movie—specifically, the third A Quiet Place film—after Midnight Special’s Jeff Nichols left the project back in November.

If the deal goes through, this will be Sarnoski’s second movie, which should go to show you how near-universally acclaimed Pig was when it came out last year. The fact that Paramount Pictures is fine with handing the keys to this very profitable horror movie franchise to Sarnoski is a big deal for the studio, given that A Quiet Place: Part II made nearly $300 million despite being the first theatrical-only major movie release after the pandemic began.

Since co-creator John Krasinki won’t be returning to direct, it probably shouldn’t be that surprising it sounds like this second sequel might be more of a new chapter in the Quiet Place universe, even though it’s based on an idea by the actor. Reportedly, Emily Blunt won’t be returning for Part III, which likely means the Abbott family who were the focus of the first two films won’t be returning either. Instead, the movie will presumably focus on new characters who are suffering through the same alien apocalypse as the Abbotts did, where blind aliens with incredible hearing kill anyone who makes too much noise, necessitating that people basically live in total silence.


You might recall that in the far-off days of November 2020, it was announced that A Quiet Place: Part III would be premiering at some point in 2022. Given that Sarnoski still hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet and all the rising problems with the omicron variant of the coronavirus, I think we can safely say this is no longer the case. Maybe 2023?

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