Pioneer's First 50-inch, 1080p Professional Plasma Destroys All Others

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Pioneer's consumer plasmas tend to be near perfect, so we can't imagine the kind of image clarity you'll get from this TV, their first 50-inch, 1080p professional model. The display comes with both HDMI and DVI inputs (the latter with HDCP support), but because it's pro series, it packs some extra features you won't typically find in any plasma. For starters, it's designed differently...

All plasmas are created like a sandwich with two layers of glass (the bread) and hundreds of tiny cells trapped in between. Each cell is filled with gas and electrodes (the ham and cheese). When current passes through the cells, a color is produced. With the PDP-5000EX, Pioneer packed the cells even tighter than they did with previous plasmas, making them smaller so that they'd provide brighter and smoother images. So smooth that this set will be used to check out new high-def Blu-ray DVD discs. The PDP-5000EX will also smart-convert standard-res content, so you'll get a sharp picture no matter what you're watching. And because it uses one less layer of glass, it'll look good regardless of any light reflection. There's no word on pricing yet, though considering Pioneer's history, it'll probably set you back a few paychecks.

Press Release [via Electronista]

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I have been working in the home theatre department at a Future Shop for a bit now, and just thought I'd point something out here. Among our various plasmas, we have one Pioneer model. It is undeniably the best looking 720p panel in the store, but lacks any burn-in protection at all. It now has TSNHD and DiscoveryHD symbols burnt into its corner. I'm hoping that Pioneer catches up with Samsung and the rest by adding a few methods of preventing this from happening so easily.